What is the Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program at Virginia Tech?

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) is a novel program at Virginia Tech aimed at utilizing innovative and integrative approaches to produce the next generation of leaders in science and education.  Coursework and program-specific activities are designed to develop the four cornerstones guiding the program:  Knowledge, Leadership, Scholarly Inquiry and Social Responsibility.

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly growing field focused on restoring tissue structure and function following injury or disease. The Regenerative Medicine IGEP brings together faculty from Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Business and Science and Technology to combine their skills and expertise into a cohesive learning environment with the goal of producing graduates with unique perspectives and skill sets. The field of regenerative medicine necessitates consideration of ethical and societal impacts alongside advances in biology and medicine. Swift translation from bench to bedside provokes a need for consideration of impacts on public policy and the economic feasibility of technology.

Through contributions from the four participating disciplines, the IGEP in Regenerative Medicine seeks to employ innovative approaches that develop both a diverse understanding and training portfolio to prepare graduates for the many career paths open to them upon completion of the program.


Regenerative Medicine

How to Apply?

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