Dr. Linda Dahlgren, studies best way to heal equine injuries using regenerative medicine

The Associate Professor of Large Animal Surgery, Dr. Linda Dahlgren talks about conducting regenerative medicine research on horses using stem cells...


Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Theus, on being named Virginia Tech Scholar of the Week!

Dr, Michelle Theus, assistant professor of molecular and cellular neurobiology was named Virginia Tech Scholar of the Week! ...


Congratulations to Daniel Youngstrom and Tracee Popielarczyk who will be presenting at TERMIS!

Dan was accepted to present an oral abstract entitled, "Cultivation of Functional Tendon Graft Material in a Novel Bioreactor" at the 2014 TERMIS-AM Conference. Tracee's abstract entitled, "The Influence of Suspended and Aligned Fibrous Topographical Environment on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behavior" has been accepted for a poster presentation! ...