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How to Apply

How can the Regenerative Medicine IGEP experience position you to excel following graduation?

The Program

  • Prepare yourself for a new age of scientific discovery through traditional and experiential learning
  • Join a team of students and faculty who are applying an interdisciplinary approach to advance medicine through scientific discovery, effective translation to clinical applications and attention to the societal implications of novel therapies
  • Participate in a novel interdisciplinary graduate course focused on the issues surrounding the delivery of scientific discovery to the public
  • Benefit from co-advisors in the fields of Veterinary MedicineEngineering, and Science and Technology

Financial Support 

  • One year fellowships to cover tuition and fees
  • Competitive annual stipend
  • Travel support to conferences and professional events

Who Should Apply

  • Qualified students seeking a PhD degree in an interdisciplinary program in one of the four participating fields: Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Engineering, and Science and Technology in Society
  • Visit the Virginia Tech Graduate School website for specific admissions requirements

When to Apply

  • Apply by January 15, 2025 to receive full consideration. Applications received after January 15 will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis for remaining positions
  • Please contact us by email to discuss any questions you may have or more information

How to Apply

  • Apply for admission as a graduate student at Virginia Tech by visiting the Admissions Page where you will find instructions for applying online or via mail-in forms
  • Select a program of study from the drop down menu on the application. Apply directly to the Regenerative Medicine IGEP or to a specific participating department/program such as Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Engineering, etc.
  • Submit the following supplemental materials, Letter of Intent and Resume by visiting the Intent to Apply Page
    • Letter of intent which should include the following: your interest in RM, how your qualifications and interests match those of the RM IGEP, and how our program will help you achieve your career goals
    • Include a list of three names of RM faculty whose research focus most interest you.
  • Last, email us at to notify us that you have completed the online application process so that we can be sure to look for and may help expedite your application in the university system
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